Get to Know ... Tony Gustavsson

With almost a decade in women’s football and two decades as a coach, we know about Tony Gustavsson’s on field football credentials, but what about off the pitch?    

Following his unveiling last month as the new Westfield Matildas head coach, we chatted with Gustvasson to get to know him a little better. 

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Watch the video below to learn more about his favourite word in Swedish, football idol, karaoke song of choice and much more!


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What was your nickname growing up and what is it now? 

I didn’t have a nickname growing up but I did get a nickname from a friend a couple of years ago when he started to call me Tony Tiger.  You will have to ask him why!

What was the last present that you sent? 

It was a nice dinner. 

Who would you most like to meet?

One thing I have thought about for a very long time is that it would be very interesting to meet my childhood self; to talk to me as a kid and see what that would be like. 

What photo on your phone means the most to you and why? 

Definitely the picture of my family.  My family means the world to me.

What are three things you can you bring to the Westfield Matildas? 

Share the passion that is already there and add to that.  Game management and a winning mentality.