Westfield Matildas share their best football advice

Currently at the top of their games for club and country, we asked several members of the Westfield Matildas to share the most memorable pieces of advice they've received along the way.

Here are the lessons embraced by Australia's stars.


Probably one, and my parents actually always hammered this in to me, was you only get out what you put in. I think it's such a cliched one but it really is the epitome of reaping what you sow.

I think if you apply that to anything you do you see results. If you kinda know deep down within yourself that you haven't put in the work and you don't get the result, then you know what the reason.

But if you have done all you can you are guaranteed to see results.  

Kyah Simon
Kyah Simon has scored goals on the biggest stage.


I think Caitlin Cooper told me once to train the way you play and play the way you train. That was a good piece of advice I learnt at a young age. The harder you put in at a training session the better you are going to be on the weekend. I loved that. 


Not really [something I was given], I've just realised in the last couple of years that you need to enjoy what you're doing and if you overthink it too much then you kind of lose the passion for the game, you lose the love of the game.

It's important to be enjoying everything on the field and off the field.

Katrina Gorry fan
Katrina Gorry's message is simple but effective.


Probably just to listen. I cant remember who it was, but I remember hearing someone say 'take little pieces of gold' out of advice. So I always try and listen for small little things and apply that to myself. Just to find pieces of gold in someone's advice.


When I first got invited to the Queensland Academy of Sport squad, Mike Mulvey was the coach and he sat me down. We went through writing down goals and what I wanted to achieve in my career, right from where I was at that point as a 14-year-old all the way to going to the World Cup and Olympics. Every step along the way was written down and think that it was really beneficial for me to see where I was and where I wanted to be and how to get there. It was good advice.

Clare Polkinghorne
Clare Polkinghorne represented Australia at the Rio Olympics.