Quickfire XI with Aivi Luik

Next to undertake the Quickfire XI is a Matilda with 25 caps and over 12 football titles. 

Check out all that and more in our quickfire chat with Aivi Luik below.

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MAT: What would you consider your best personal trait?

Luik: "To be adaptable to change.”

MAT: What would you consider your worst personal trait?

Luik: "Oh, easy, memory. Forgetful, very forgetful.”

MAT: What is your perfect idea of happiness?

Luik: "My perfect idea of happiness would be a world that lives in peace.  Where food and water is plentiful. There's no disease, just good vibes, and lots of love.”

MAT: What’s your biggest fear?

Luik: "My greatest fear is that Arnott’s stop making Tim Tams.”

MAT: What’s your most treasured possession?

Luik: "My most treasured possession is freedom.”

MAT: Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Luik: "I think I overuse the word ‘sweet’. And ‘ciao’. I'm not too bad with ‘like’, but when it happens, I notice it and I really don't like it.”

MAT: If you could go back to relive one football moment, what would it be and why?

Luik: "Playing the World Cup. Of course. Playing in the World Cup.”

Luik at FWWC 2019
Aivi Luik at FIFA Women's World Cup 2019

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MAT: What moment would you like to wipe out of your your memory forever?

Luik: "Nothing to per se.  I think, yeah there are bad things that have happened. That maybe I want to forget at the time but I think you learn and grow from them. So, nothing.”

MAT: Which footballer – past or present – do you most identify with?

Luik: "I don’t know if I mostly identify with this player, but I really love in [Andrés] Iniesta and I love the way he plays.  Whenever he used to play, I used to be glued to the screen not really watching the ball but watching him. I would I mix him and Marcello because Marcello likes to goof around and have fun at training and I like to do that too.”

MAT: What profession other than football would you like to try?

Luik: "Any kind of Red Bull athlete.  Maybe like downhill mountain biking, or snowboarding.  Not surfing because I want to keep that as like something that I love and you know if you get competitive in it and whatnot, you can lose the love for it and  I don't think I'd ever lose the love for surfing.  Yeah, let's go snowboarding or downhill mountain biking.”

MAT: At the end of your football career, what would you like people to say about you?

Luik: "I just want them to remember me, you know, as a good player and a good person."