Health and wellness key to Emily Gielnik’s success

Experienced Westfield Matildas forward Emily Gielnik discussed the importance of health and wellness as she embarks on her 12th season as a professional footballer.

From Liverpool in England to Vittsjo in Sweden, Gielnik has spent most of her career playing abroad however it would not have been sustained if it were not for the necessary steps she has taken to look after herself.

Keeping on top of her health and wellbeing has always been the number one priority for the recently announced Brisbane Roar striker.

“Wellness has always been a part of my world from as soon as I could take my first steps on this earth,” Gielnik said.

“I’ve always been an active baby and right from the outset, wellness has really got me to where I am today.”

“It’s extremely important and it’s the tools and stepping stones to get you to where you want to be in life and in general.”

Knowing that longevity within this game and what I have to do play at my highest level for the longest period of time comes down to wellness and how you treat your body and how you take care of it.” 

An understanding of the importance of wellness and health for elite athletes and grassroots players alike, is one of the reasons around the excitement of Priceline Pharmacy coming on board as a partner of Football Federation Australia for the whole of game. 

Gielnik Gym 1

Through the partnership, FFA will work hand-in-hand with Priceline to champion health and wellness, actively encourage grassroots football participation, and demonstrate each organisation’s long-term commitment to women and women’s sport.

As Australia’s leading health and beauty pharmacy retailer, Priceline are focused on providing resources, products and information that will assist the football family in being at their best, on and off the pitch. 

“As the Official Health Partner of the MiniRoos, our goal is to connect with families in their local communities,” said Andrew Vidler, General Manager of Priceline Pharmacy. 

“As Australia’s favourite pharmacy retailer, Priceline is well-positioned to promote the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle in these communities.” 

The broad spectrum of Priceline’s services and products allows for individual needs, which Gielnik believes is vital as everyone tends to approach their wellbeing in different ways. 

For Gielnik there are a couple of activities which she has found that have really helped her.

“One of the key health and wellness practices has been yoga, just taking my mind somewhere else and giving my body some awareness,” she said.

“The gym has been my absolute outlet for everything. Outlet to social life, outlet to football, it’s basically my second home and through that health and wellness and through what I gain through being at the gym.

“That feeling of being alive and feeling better, I don’t think there’s a day in my life where I haven’t thought about going to the gym or wanting to be active or wanting to do something that’s going to make me feel better.”

Fresh off a strong season in Sweden where she was instrumental for Vittjso, Gielnik found that prioritising health and wellness was not only beneficial to her football but just on a personal level. 

“As an athlete, it’s important to me because it resembles everything that I am as an athlete,” she said.

“You want to be able to practice what you preach; you want to be able to play the game and live your dream and do what you want to do as a footballer at the highest level for as long as possible. 

Gielnik Gym 2

“I live and breathe it and it’s definitely made me feel more alive than I ever have and when I finish with football there’s never a day that I won’t go thinking about it because I think it’s just who I am and what I live by.”  

“Even if you’re not an athlete at the highest level, health and wellbeing should be a part of your daily routine.” 

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