World Children's Day Tiny Tillies

They say from little things big things grow. Our Westfield Matildas are no exception.  They all started out as little kids with big dreams. And thanks to a combination of hard work and talent, all of these players have gone on to achieve great things.

On World Children’s Day, we look back at where these Tiny Tillies started.

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1. Katrina Gorry 

baby and adult Gorry

Katrina Gorry was mini then, and Mini now.

2. Alanna Kennedy 

baby and adult Kennedy

Before Alanna Kennedy was banging in free kicks, she was casually leaning on trees.

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3. Mackenzie Arnold 

baby and adult Arnold

Now Mackenzie Arnold rocks the gloves but back then she was rocking a red jumper and a fringe. 

4. Caitlin Foord 

baby and adult foord

Caitlin Foord has brought that big grin and joy with her from Sydney to North London.

5. Clare Polkinghorne 

baby and adult polkinghorne

An easy one to guess, Clare Polkinghorne is calm presence team.

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6. Ellie Carpenter 

baby and adult carpenter

From Cowra to Lyon, Eliie Carpenter has grown up into one of the game's rising stars. 

7. Sam Kerr 

baby and adult kerr

People will recognise Sam Kerr’s mischievous grin, especially from her Instagram stories.

8. Emily van Egmond

baby and adult van egmond

In gingham and in green and gold, Emily van Egmond looks exactly the same. 

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9. Hayley Raso

baby and adult raso

Surely the ribbons gave it away? Hayley Raso has been rocking her signature accessory since forever.