WIN a chance to spend a Zoom evening with Westfield Matildas’ star Kyah Simon!

Westfield Matildas fans have an opportunity to join Kyah Simon for an exclusive Zoom chat on Monday, 8 June. 

This is a rare chance to have an opportunity to ask Kyah a question you may have always wanted to know the answer. 

What does it take to get to the highest level? How does Kyah prepare for a big match? Does she have a lucky token? 

There are plenty of other great questions, and they can be your entry to the exclusive Zoom evening so enter here!

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As a star for the Westfield Matildas for over a decade, the prospect of connecting with fans is something Kyah Simon cherishes and feels is especially important during this COVID-19 period. 

“It’s been really uncertain times for a lot of people,” Simon empathised.  “We haven’t been able to connect as much with people as we normally do.” 

“We haven’t been able to do what we’re used to, training normally with our teammates or playing football. I miss that and I am sure many of our fans do as well.”

“Reaching out to fans and supporters who are so loyal to us as Matildas, and to me personally, is really special and important to me.” 

A Zoom Evening with Kyah Simon is not just a wonderful occasion for fans, but also for Simon herself.  

“Spending time with fans is rewarding,” she said.  “I was once in their shoes so hearing their dreams and aspirations resonates with me a lot.” 

I’m really looking forward to the Zoom with a group of Matildas supporters as it’s an opportunity to interact with fans, give them an insight into my life and have a bit of fun and some laughs.”

Simon is no stranger to providing inspiration, from her exploits on the pitch to the Kyah Simon Football Clinics, the two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup player has found a passion in working with the next generation of players. 

“The whole reason why I started my football clinics was to create a space for young female footballers where they could come and be a part of program, where I can help coach them through different skills, activities and football drills.” 

I really enjoy seeing people improve or succeed.  Even if it's something as small as learning a new skill and being able to perfect that in a couple of days, I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people.”

“I enjoy helping people through my experiences as a footballer, sharing a little bit about my journey and insight and hopefully that'll inspire young kids or motivate them to keep going.” 

Entries for A Zoom Evening with Kyah Simon close Friday, 5 June at 12pm (AEDT).