Westfield Matildas reveal their game-day preparation secrets

How do our Westfield Matildas prepare for a big game? With the China PR clash tonight in Melbourne, some of our biggest stars reveal their secrets about what they eat and what they do on game day. 

KATRINA GORRY (playmaker)

I have a shower when I wake up and I always have another before we head off to the game, apart from that I kind of keep it 'Plain Jane' because it I think that if I have a superstition and I don’t do it then I probably think that I will play bad. I usually always have an Acai bowl on game day and if we get two meals it will be poached eggs on toast.

Katrina Gorry fan
Gorry likes a bowl of Acai on game day


I like my boots to be clean I like them nice and shiny. I have to have no hair on my legs I like to shave my legs before every game, I like to nap, that’s about it. I try not to listen to too much music I think I continue to tell myself what I need to do in the game, when I get to the pitch.

Michelle Heyman runs off to celebrate her goal in the game against Japan on Monday night.
Shiny, clean boots for Heyman


I tend to prepare the same way, I usually like to put my right sock on right boot on then left sock left boot, not superstitious or anything, that’s just the way it has always been done.


Clare Polkinghorne celebrates opening the scoring for the Westfield Matildas against DPR Korea.
Right sock, right boot, left sock, left for "Polks"

HAYLEY RASO (winger)

I don’t have too much, I always put on my left sock and then my left boot on so its always left side before right side that’s a superstition just before I go on. I wear my ribbon. In regard to food or activities during the day not too much.

I have just been wearing it [the ribbon] since I was young going through the selection processes when I was little trying to make squads. I wore it to school and basically it just continued on. 

Hayley Raso
Raso never forgets her ribbon

KYAH SIMON (striker)

I get a coffee, but I get that every morning! I have to straighten my hair and usually my pre-match meal is vegemite and avocado on toast or peanut butter with banana on toast.


Kyah Simon
Coffee is Kyah's game day ritual.


I always have a smashed avo for my meal. I usually like to go out for breakfast, coffee, just sort of relax. I take a while to get ready so I end up sort of rushing towards the end. Is usually just kind of go out for breakfast, chill out and then get to the game.


Centre-back: Alanna Kennedy
Smashed avo for Alanna