Westfield Matildas celebrate Father's Day

From driving us to and from training to cheering us on from the sidelines in rain, hail or sunshine, dads are often the unsung heroes of our sporting lives.

This Father’s Day, we invited some Westfield Matildas to share what trait they admire most about their dads, as well as their most embarrassing “dad moment.”

Laura Brock (née Alleway):

“My favourite trait that I got from my father – other than my ridiculously big calves – would have to be my competitiveness and aggression. Before every single game since I was [young], my dad would tell me: ‘dominate!’

“And I wasn’t the only one; every single person in my family gets told that same message before every game. I think that’s definitely something we Alleway kids will remember for a very long time, a very fond memory of my father and how competitive he is.


“I don’t think I’ve ever really been embarrassed at a game where he’s been so proud and done something ridiculous. But I will say he keeps videos of me playing from years ago and any time anyone comes into our house, he puts it on the big screen and all the surround sound and embarrasses me by playing a ten-second clip of where he was super proud of me playing a long-ball through to Lisa De Vanna – who did all the work and scored the goal – but apparently it was my long-ball that was the best thing ever.

“So thanks for being proud of me, dad, and yes, it is very embarrassing that you do that every single time!”

Kyah Simon: 

"The trait I would have gotten from Dad is his stubborness.  So thanks for that one Dad!"

Karly Røestbakken:

“The trait that I definitely got from my dad is my stubbornness and competitiveness. We both love to win so it has caused a few fights in the house, but he also has the biggest heart and he’s a huge softie and he’s so kind so I’ve definitely tried to take those traits from him.

“The most embarrassing thing that my dad has done at one of my games – it’s not that embarrassing, I don’t think – but he is the guy that has this massive horn and is blowing the horn and [ringing] the cow bell at every single game. So he does get a few looks from people in the stands, but he supports me so I don’t really mind!”