Quickfire XI with Chloe Logarzo

A necklace she is never without, to a roommate who gave words of wisdom, Chloe Logarzo jumps in the hot seat.  

Next to undertake the Quickfire XI is a Matilda with 48 caps and 7 international goals. 

Check out all that and more in our quickfire chat with Logarzo below.

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MAT: What would you consider your best personal trait?

Logarzo: "I would say my genuine care for everyone."

MAT: What would you consider your worst personal trait?

Logarzo: "I really get bored so I occupy myself with a lot of things. And then I kind of forget half of them. So like, if you ask me to do something, maybe remind me three or four times."

MAT: What is your perfect idea of happiness?

Logarzo: "My perfect idea of happiness is to be surrounded by the ones that care the most about you and love you the most. And just feel totally okay with being you in the present moment and have no regrets."

MAT: What’s your biggest fear?

Logarzo: "I have a few. I'm scared of the dark - really scared of  the dark. I don't like heights. And I think leaving behind the ones I love."

MAT: What’s your most treasured possession?

Logarzo: "I really like the stuff my fans give me, purely because I keep every every little bit, anything that anyone gives me.  But when my grandmother passed away, someone gave me a necklace with an angel on it and she wrote a very beautiful message to me. And it comes with me to every single Matildas game and I hang it on where my jersey sits, every single national team game. And it's been with me for four years."

"It's incredible. And I think in that time, I was extremely vulnerable and to know that, although I have my family there, to have such beautiful words when a person that I've never met was, I can't explain the amount of respect that I have for that person for being there for me. So it was I will always have that.  That will always be there and that is my grandmother. It will always be there so that's probably the only thing that comes with me everywhere."

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MAT: Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Logarzo: "Alright, is probably my biggest phrase. Another one is 'I'm not gonna lie.'"

MAT: If you could go back to relive one football moment, what would it be and why?

Logarzo: "Oh my goodness, that's so hard! It would be the World Cup goal against Brazil.

"Oh it would also be scoring the penalty at the Olympics.  In that moment that one little moment. It was so loud that you couldn't hear yourself think. And when I when I go and speak to school kids, I tell them 65,000 people playing in a stadium where you can't hear the person next to you talk is unbelievable.  And feeling the the volume of everyone's voices through your chest is an unbelievable feeling."

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MAT: What moment would you like to wipe out of your your memory forever?

Logarzo: "The Olympics. Losing to Brazil on penalties was honestly one of the worst feelings ever and losing on penalties in the World Cup [in 2019]. Again, it was so hard to go out of a tournament on penalties, back to back. To work so hard and play for 120 minutes and it comes down to that and losing in that fashion - you wouldn't want to wish them and your worst enemy."

MAT: Which footballer – past or present – do you most identify with?

Logarzo: "Lisa [De Vanna], for sure. She's taught me a lot.  I was fortunate enough to be her roommate for three years and I feel like she was very misunderstood. 

"She taught me a lot about who I am and what I should be and my values. I think values is the biggest one that I can bring out with her and being a good person and sticking to those values. Not dropping down to anyone else's and being true to yourself."

"I'll take a lot away from what she taught me in football into my life. I'll be forever grateful for that. And she's done some incredible things throughout her career and been an amazing player for so many years.  So it would definitely be Lisa."

Logarzo and De Vanna

MAT: What profession other than football would you like to try?

Logarzo: "I'm actually studying interior design so I would love to get into that. And hopefully do it post career. I just I just really enjoy everything [about it] and maybe flipping houses or like hands on stuff."

MAT: At the end of your football career, what would you like people to say about you?

Logarzo: "For me, I want my legacy to be left not Just on the field, but mostly off the field.  I want to be able to impact the next generation to be inspired to not just have faith to go out and be active and be healthy, but to also just pursue anything that you want to."

"And whatever you do, just put 110% into it because it's incredible what you can do and what your mind can do once you have a mindset that's above everything else.  Having faith in yourself to be able to do it, your body will just follow."

"So for me, it will just be about inspiring the next generation to be confident in being who they are in no matter what they do. Even if they play football or don't play football. I just want to be the person that inspires people."

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