Quickfire XI with Caitlin Foord

Next to undertake the Quickfire XI is a Matilda with 83 caps and 20 international goals. 

Check out the quickfire chat with Arsenal FC's Caitlin Foord below.

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MAT: What would you consider your best personal trait?

Foord: "I think kind and willing to do stuff for others."

MAT: What would you consider your worst personal trait?

Foord: "Remembering names or remembering something that I've been told to remember that I should.  If I need to remember them I will, but yeah, I'd say names."

MAT: What is your perfect idea of happiness?

Foord: "Mine is just being with people and experiencing things with them. I think it doesn't really matter where you are, what you have, but it's the company that you have that that brings happiness and good vibes"

MAT: What’s your biggest fear?

Foord: "I don't have one, I don't think."

MAT: What’s your most treasured possession?

Foord: "My dog, Peach."


MAT: Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Foord: "I think I use 'I reckon' or 'heaps'." I don't even know how many times I would say them a day. 

MAT: If you could go back to relive one football moment, what would it be and why?

Foord: "I think the moment when we qualified for the 2016 Olympics.  That feeling and that experience was just one I'd never felt before and it was just the feeling of the achievement and doing something great. Yeah, it was an incredible feeling."

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MAT: What moment would you like to wipe out of your your memory forever?

Foord: "Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is all these posts hits this year.  Get rid of them!"

MAT: Which footballer – past or present – do you most identify with?

Foord: "I feel like Sam, I feel like we we've played so much football together that we just know each other. Obviously, knowing her so much as a person but so much as a player as well. I think it's just easier to understand her and as well with Emily [van Egmond], they are two players that I've played the most with.  Sam moreso just because we've played a lot more at clubs, so, yeah, I'd say, Sam."

Foord and Kerr in Conti Cup Final
Caitlin Foord and Sam Kerr in the Continental Cup Final 2020

MAT: What profession other than football would you like to try?

Foord: "I've got inspo from Caitlin Cooper. She is now a firefighter. And as well as Erica Halloway,  two people that I'm really close with back home. So that's something that I could see myself doing and seeing them do it , almost kind of after football,it's made me interested in that. If it's not the firies, I think something like the Army or the police force. That's something that I could see myself doing."

MAT: At the end of your football career, what would you like people to say about you?

Foord: "I definitely would like to be seen as a world class player. And you know, when people think of you, obviously, you want good things. You don't want negative things. So obviously the football side of things being really good, but I think just as a equally important to me is being seen as a good person as well - from my teammates and from fan experiences. I just want to be myself but hopefully those are some of the things that people would say."