Matildas profiles: Steph Catley

Fresh from captaining the Melbourne Victory to the W-League Championship, Steph Catley sat down with Sarah Walsh as part of our 'Matildas Profiles' series.

Fresh from captaining the Melbourne Victory to the W-League Championship, Steph Catley sat down with Sarah Walsh as part of our 'Matildas Profiles' series.

Name: Stephanie Catley

Position: Left Back

Matildas jersey number: 16

National team debut/Caps: Debut: 2012 against New Zealand in Wollongong. Caps: 15

Greatest achievement on the field: So far - Making my Matildas debut.

Greatest achievement off the field: Last year I was chosen to be an ambassador for the Jean Hailes women-s Health Week.

Highest level of education completed/ qualifications/ certificates Year 12 and I-ve almost finished a certificate IV in Personal Training

What is your major football goal: My goal is to play in world cup-s and Olympic game-s with the Matildas.

What is your major goal outside of football: I haven-t decided exactly what footpath I-m heading down with my education just yet but when I do, my goal is to successfully graduate and be involved in a career that I enjoy.

What keeps you busy outside of football: I-m still completing my certificate 3 and 4 in Personal Training through AIPT. We train at night, so I often have time during the day to go and visit friends. I also spend a lot of time with my Corgi - Bentley.

Favourite team to play against: The US National team. They are such a great team and always an incredibly challenging team to come up against, especially at home. And they have so many fans that the atmosphere is always amazing.

Who is your hero: Steven Gerrard. Not only is he an incredible player but he started playing senior football from a young age and hasn-t missed a beat since. He-s continued to get better and better as the years go on because he never puts hard work second. He-s a fantastic leader and someone I admire very much.

Which Matildas teammate are you closest to: Brianna Davey and Teigen Allen - I-ve known Bri since we we-re about 11 or 12 and we-ve been best friends for a long time. I-ve known Teigen a long time too, but we-ve only just become really close in the last couple of years, she-s my roommate and one of my best friends. Both of these girls are like sisters to me.

One thing you love about being a Matilda: There-s so many incredible players within the squad, that every time I-m in camp or we-re travelling overseas, I know I-m being challenged, improving and learning just by being involved with a few training sessions.

Which football team do you support: Liverpool - I haven-t always enjoyed watching football. Not until I started watching Liverpool play. They play the ball around quickly and skilfully, they have the ability to keep the ball around the 18 yard box and wait until the best opportunity to score arises. And I love watching Steven Gerrard control games in the middle and Glen Johnson cause havoc attacking as a fullback.

If you could have dinner with any three people who would it be? Lenny Hayes (St Kilda Football Club) - He-s been my favourite sportsman ever since I was a little girl, his work ethic and modesty are characteristics I strive to mimic every day, Jeff Buckley - he passed away at a young age but I love his music and Michael Jackson - So many questions.

Favourite holiday destination? Anywhere that-s full of beaches, sunny and relaxed.

Most treasured possession: Matildas debut jersey.

Favourite food/meal: Home made Pizza - chicken, onion, tomato, broccoli, kidney beans, spinach leaves, barbeque sauce and cheese.

What would you buy with your last $10: A bus ticket to the library to write and print my resume (Probably going to need a job if I only have $10 left) and a pack of strawberry extra gum.

Who would play you in a movie: Ellen Pompeo - Not because she particularly looks like me at all.. but I love her as an actress.

Most embarrassing moment: In high school - Year 12, it was a rainy day at lunch time so just about the entire senior school was playing sports in the gym and I was kicking the footy with some of the boys in my school dress and T-bar shoes. I ran over to scoop up the ball and slipped on a small puddle and almost did a back flip, landing on my backside. The entire stadium heard the impact and started laughing.