Female Leaders in Football Program to kick off in September

Football Federation Australia’s (FFA) Strategic Plan for 2016-19 identified establishing FFA as the ‘leading organisation for females in sport’ as one of the four key principles.

With this strategic principal in mind, FFA in September 2016 in collaboration with FIFA and the Australian Sports Commission’s Women Leaders in Sport Grant Program, will be delivering the Female Leaders in Football Program for ten female employees currently working in football.

The program promotes FIFA’s initiative to help member associations improve the knowledge and the education of staff working in football, at all levels. The objective of this program is to ensure that football in Australia has female leaders who are supported and encouraged to reach their full leadership potential and to increase the number of females in decision making positions.

The ten chosen participants have been nominated by the CEO of their member federation and will participate in this four-month program. Each nominee will be paired with a mentor for the duration of the program and in addition to the two-day workshop at FFA Head Office in September, will engage in fortnightly catch-ups with their mentor until December. The ten chosen mentors are all highly experienced current employees in football within Australia.

FFA is proud to announce that the following mentees will undertake the program in 2016:

-          Holly Ayton (FFT)

-          Merryn Brown (CF)

-          Aisling Callaghan (FFV)

-          Tracey Dycer (FFSA)

-          Katrina Hicks (FFA)

-          Jane McDonald (NNSWF)

-          Allana Neeve (FFNT)

-          Breeanna Reidy (FQ)

-          Emma Salzke (FNSW)

-          Sam Watkins (FW)

In addition, the following will make up the mentors for the program:

-       Luke Bould (FFA)

-       Mark Falvo (FFA)

-       Gillian Harris (FFA)

-       Jacqui Hoban (FFA)

-       Eddie Moore (FNSW)

-       Greg O’Rourke (FFA)

-       Ros Reeves (FFA)

-       Tracey Scott (FFA)

-       Jo Setright (FFA)

-       Robert Squillacioti (FFA)

Throughout the program, mentees will receive high performance personality profiling, a two-day workshop with high profile guest speakers and receive hands on support and guidance through the mentor program.

For more information and details about the program please Click Here