Australia’s elite female footballers to benefit from Compeat Nutrition collaboration

The Westfield Matildas, and the next generation of aspiring Matildas, will benefit from leading nutritional guidance and tailored dietary advice over the next 18 months after Football Federation Australia (FFA) commenced a collaboration with Compeat Nutrition.

Compeat Nutrition integrates the best performance nutrition knowledge and support into the lives of their clients to support both day-to-day and performance outcomes. 

Their innovative solution provides education, support and empowerment while enabling clients access to individually designed nutrition planning and continuous support from a dedicated performance dietitian.

During the recent Cup of Nations held in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, Advanced Sports Dietitian and Compeat Nutrition Co-Founder, Alicia Edge, spent three days in camp with the Westfield Matildas as the program was introduced to Australia’s top female footballers.

Sam Kerr
Westfield Matildas skipper Sam Kerr gets a shot away in the friendly against the USA

FFA’s Head of National Teams, Luke Casserly, said he’s pleased Australia’s elite female players will have access to one-on-one nutritional advice that is aligned to their individual training and playing loads through to the completion of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

“We are delighted to partner with Compeat Nutrition,” Casserly said.

“We know how important nutrition is to our everyday lives and especially to our high performing footballers who are continually aiming to perform at their peak.

“We are always striving to offer more services to our players to make them better athletes and people, so it’s fantastic that Compeat Nutrition’s services will not only be available to the Westfield Matildas, but to the Future Matildas, Young Matildas, and Junior Matildas programs, too.

“We have a significant period of activity coming up for our elite female teams, and we have no doubt that this partnership will have a positive impact on our players,” he said.

Compeat Nutrition Chief Executive Officer, Dan Edge, said his company values the opportunity to work with Australia’s elite female footballers.

“Compeat Nutrition is excited to join the Westfield Matildas and their development pathways in what we see as a great period for women in Australian sport,” Edge said.

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“Bringing our innovative approach, we look forward to being a valuable part of the team, enabling the Matildas access to their performance nutrition team knowledge and support wherever they are in the world all year round.

“Compeat will value its role in empowering each player towards sustained performance outcomes, an enhanced professional culture, and success at upcoming major tournaments,” he said.